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Abolishment Of Duplicate Titles

In 2016 there was a lot of changes happen in the conveyancing industry as electronic conveyancing was introduced and one that affected all property owners was the abolishment of the duplicate Certificate of Title, the piece of paper which we knew as our Certificate of Title, our proof of ownership. A Certificate of Title is the legal document which notes the ownership of property and is the point of reference for all dealings of land.

Although it sounds a little daunting not receiving this physical document anymore, Queensland has been operating like this for many years and has proven that it can work. In a few years time it will just be a distant memory and we may even wonder why it wasn’t done sooner .. maybe!

As sad as it is not to see the old wax paper document with the beautiful calligraphy handwriting and the history of who has owned the property previously or the green A4 document which was the last version in use, it may save a headache to some when they are going to sell their property as clients will no longer need to produce their current Certificate of Title for settlement to go through.

If you are in possession of your Certificate of Title, you can continue to keep this for historical reasons, or you can return it to your Conveyancer and they will be able to return it to the Land Titles Office for you.

Now after registration takes place at the Land Titles Office, they will continue to hold the original and a Certificate of ‘Confirmation of Registration’ will be issued to the new owner noting the change in registration.