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Helpful Hints

Settlement Insurance – Who’s liable and when?

in Helpful Hints on October 17, 2018

If you’re wondering who’s liable for claims related to a property during the settlement process, well done. You’re a thinker. Not many people think about it, which is a bit of a worry. There’s no such thing as “Settlement Insurance ”…

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Settlement – Let’s talk expectations.

in Helpful Hints on September 5, 2018

So you’ve found the property you want, and a price has been agreed. The next step is going to be a big one. In fact, it’s not a single step. It’s the settlement process, and it involves lots of steps….

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When should I phone the Conveyancer?

Normally when someone purchases property, the Conveyancer isn’t brought in until it’s time to do the paperwork. But is that too late? It’s worth asking the question…”When should I phone the Conveyancer?” Is there a smarter order in which to…

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Changes to GST payments at settlement

in GST GST on settlement Helpful Hints on July 11, 2018

Okay, so there’s been some changes to how GST on a Contract for some settlements are paid. 10 days ago on the first day of the new financial year, the GST component of certain property sales became payable directly to…

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