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REAL ESTATE AGENTS – Working for you, or themselves?

I’m often asked my opinion of Real Estate Agents. Likewise, people also often ask me if there are any Agents I would recommend.

In regards to my opinion of Real Estate Agents, I have to be fair and say that they are just like any other profession. The majority of them are decent, ethical operators who do the best for their clients. But there are the bad apples in the bunch that spoil it for everyone. These poor operators give the whole profession a bad name in some people’s eyes.

But, great Real Estate Agents are out there…

And I have the pleasure of working with many of them on a regular basis. Which brings me to who I would recommend.

It would be unfair of me to recommend any particular Agent, being as there are so many great Agents I work with. What I will say though, is that if you’re after a great Agent, feel free to drop me a line and I can make some recommendations based around your particular circumstances, location, and desires.

This week we are fortunate enough to have Michael Viscariello from Eclipse Real Estate sharing with us some tips around how to best work with an Agent and get the best result for your property sale. In my experiences with Michael, I’ve come to know him as an Agent who is genuinely caring, and I know his clients can trust him. The feedback from his clients has always been that they received more than they expected from him and that he and his team provide an exemplary level of customer service.

Here’s our interview with Michael…

YCC: When someone is thinking of selling, how early should they meet with you to get the ball rolling?

MV: As soon as the thought pops into your head, it’s time to call your real estate agent or research which agents you would like to meet with to compare what value they can add to selling your home. The reason for this is a real estate agent will give you ideas on how to maximise the value in your home. This can be done through property styling, decluttering or perhaps your home requires a freshen up e.g. coat of paint, new carpet – every home is different!

YCC: Why is it best to use an Agent rather than trying to sell privately?

MV: A good real estate agent will know your market inside out and will be able to extract every last dollar possible for the sale of your home. We also have access to the best tested and tried marketing services to present your home in the most attractive way possible, leading to a higher sales price than through a private sale.

YCC: Is there anything that you would say sets you apart from other Agents?

MV: At Eclipse we are all about being different from the normal real estate perception, we are about creating and keeping relationships with our buyers and sellers. We have a big focus around making the sales process a simple and enjoyable one. We work with buyers and sellers to match homes with people – basically we don’t take ourselves too seriously and want everyone we work with to enjoy the ride!

YCC: What can people do to help improve their chances of selling a property?

MV: Again it comes back to having an agent come to your home and put together a ‘go to market’ plan. However decluttering is always a big one, less is more when it comes to items of furniture, family portraits and other knick knacks that we are all guilty of collecting and displaying throughout our homes over time.

YCC: When is the best time to sell a house?

MV: The best time to sell a house is dependant on your circumstances, if you need to sell then let’s get out there and find a buyer for your home. In the industry we call spring the selling season but this can also be a very crowded time on market as many sellers have the same idea to sell in spring so getting in just before or just after can prove to be effective too. Again having a real estate agent come and to your home for a consultation is the first step and together we can create a ‘go to market’ plan that’s best for you and will maximise the sale price of your home.

If you’d like to ask Michael more about Real Estate Agents, feel free to contact him here. Or for any other property related queries, feel free to drop me a line here, any time. Or, give me a call on (08) 8261 5092.