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Our Services

Buying or Selling Real Estate
Whether through an Agent or privately, we handle all the documentation to transfer the property from the current owner to the new owner.

Preparing Private Contracts
You don’t always need to go through a Real Estate Agent when you buy or sell, if you are looking to sell privately, we can assist with the preparation of your Contract and Form 1 document.

Change of Name
Recently gotten married or divorce or changed your name completely? We can register your new name on the Certificate of Title.

Change of Ownership
Sometimes for tax reasons you need to alter how you are registered on the Certificate of Title with your partner, we can look after this for you.

Matrimonial Transfers
If you are separating from your partner and there is a property involved, we can attend to the change in registration. Or if you have recently gotten married and wish to add your new partner to your Certificate of Title.

Noting a Death of a Proprietor
If you have a loved one that has recently passed away and you owned real estate jointly together, we can register the passing with the Lands Titles Office on your behalf.

When dividing your block of land, you will need to engage the services of a surveyor for the plan preparation and a conveyancer to create the new Certificates of Title.

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