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The Docs Are All Signed .. Now What?!

When you first find your dream home there is signing galore to do and the paperwork seems never ending! Then all of a sudden everything is signed and all you need to worry about is the packing. But is it? You start to think of all the things that people have told you to do and feel like there is something you have forgotten.

Well what about the electricity? And the gas? Oh and the telephone and internet! These are the services YOU need to arrange for the connection of at settlement. Your conveyancer will contact the Council, Revenue SA and SA Water and if the property is part of a strata group they will also notify the Body Corporate Secretary. It is also a good idea to give the Real Estate Agent a call to work out when YOU can meet to collect the keys.

We would suggest that at least a week prior to settlement YOU contact the service providers and arrange for connection to be done on the day of settlement. Then when you arrive with your first truck of furniture on settlement day, you will be able to turn on the lights and see exactly where you are putting everything!

To make things even less stressful, if it is difficult for you to make the above phone calls, let us know and we can team you up with a company who will do it for you at no extra cost! Give us a call and we can give you the details on how to get this happening.

Also remember that if for some reason your settlement date changes, please call your service providers and make sure they are updated – arriving to no hot water or electricity may not be the first impression you want of your new home!