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Back in 2016, tighter legislation was put in place around the verification of identity and how it’s managed around property transactions. This new legislation protects property sellers and purchasers much better than the previous laws. In short, it makes it harder for anyone to steal your identity, and indeed your property.

What and why?

Conveyancers are required to ascertain that purchasers and sellers are indeed who they say they are before a property transaction can take place. We are also now authorised to undertake this procedure and keep it all legal. This means that a person can only sell property they own. Prior to this new verification of identity legislation, there were instances of people selling property that wasn’t theirs. How would you like to be told one day that someone has sold your house and it’s no longer yours?


The process is quite easy. It’s very similar to how you would prove your identity for a new passport. The absolute easiest way to do it is to come and see me. But, you can also accomplish it at AustraliaPost using a form that your Conveyancer can provide, or by arranging a time with a company who’s registered to verify identities.

You’ll just need to provide your birth certificate or passport, driver’s licence and your Medicare card. If you’ve changed your name at any stage, you’ll also need the certificate that shows this (I.e Marriage Certificate).

Safety Considerations

Don’t lose sight of the fact that we are talking about your legal identity here though. As such, sufficient care needs to be taken to protect your identity as much as possible. With us for example, we will never ask you to provide photocopies or scanned copies of your documents. Places that do, will often store these documents on file, leaving you susceptible to identity theft.

We use a mobile phone app that’s linked directly to our database to collect the required information. If the phone is stolen, there is still two levels of password protection needed to get through before the information is accessible. We treat your identity protection as if we were protecting ourselves. No risks are taken, and high levels of security are in place to minimise any threat.

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