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If you haven’t heard of ‘Title Watch’, it’s something I like to inform all property purchasers about. Despite its lack of costs (it’s completely free), it’s an extremely valuable tool. It enables Conveyancers to provide a more up to date and complete service to you as you head towards settlement.

Title Watch‘, as the name suggests, is a service that watches over a title. If any activity is detected on that title, an SMS or an email is sent immediately to us. We can then look at what’s going on and assess whether any action is required.

If you’re purchasing a block of land in a division and it hasn’t been finalised yet, this service is extremely valuable in that it can flag any issues before they become a problem. We’re updated on the progress of the division, and also if anything like a caveat is applied.

We don’t have to wait for the other Conveyancer to update us on expected settlement dates. We already have a clear picture all the way along. And if the vendor does anything such as refinance the property and change banks, we pick that up early and keep settlement on track.

If anyone orders a search on the title, we’re informed about that too (it’s good to know if someone is investigating the title on a property your about to purchase).

It’s a brilliant service that the Lands Titles office offers, and does its job excellently. That job being, allowing Conveyancers to stay completely up to date on property titles in preparation for your settlement.

At Your Choice Conveyancing, we automatically add your title to our ‘Title Watch‘ subscription. So we’re always in the know as to exactly what’s going on with your title.

If you’d like to hear any more about ‘Title Watch‘, drop us a line here and we’ll be happy to fill you in. Or to view some info on it for yourself, click here