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Purchasing a house with a swimming pool.

This time of year is great for any Vendor who’s selling a house with a swimming pool. And those in the market for a new home can often be easily tempted by the inclusion of a beautiful pool on the property. But, as with most components of a property transaction, it’s best to go with your head and not your heart.

That’s not to say that buying a house with a pool is a bad idea. Not at all.

But, buying a house with a swimming pool without doing all your homework IS a bad idea.

Buying a house with a pool safely…

To cut to the chase here, you need to ensure you get a compliance certificate for the pool before settlement. If you can get one at the time of contract signing, that’s great. If not, receiving of a compliance certificate before settlement should be written into the conditions of the sale contract before you sign (check out my last blog for a bit of info on contract conditions). Once settlement occurs, the purchaser is responsible for the pool, no matter what condition it’s in.

A compliance certificate will state that the pool is safe. Particularly around the matter of fencing height and security.

Also, if the pool isn’t compliant, and works need to be done to make it so, you need to make sure you are given input as to what will be done. You don’t want to find out after settlement that the Vendor just chucked up some pieces of corrugated iron to make the fence height compliant (yes I have seen it before, and the Purchasers were not happy!!).

A house with a swimming pool can look very attractive. Especially this time of year when we are all cooking in the heat. And if the compliance certificate, contract conditions, and settlement are all handled professionally, your new home’s pool can be a joyful retreat for you and your family for years to come.

If you’d like a bit more info on pool safety and home-owners responsibilities, try this SA Government site.

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