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Verification of Identity

Legislation is being introduced all across Australia where a conveyancer must verify their clients identity to help reduce the risk of fraudulent property transfers. Although it does mean extra paperwork, the last thing you would want is to come home from a holiday to find that your property is no longer yours (and yes unfortunately this has happened in the past)!

Having your verification of identity checked is very similar to going through a 100 point ID check for your Passport. There are several ways it can be done, including making an appointment with your Conveyancer, visiting Australia Post with a form that your Conveyancer can provide you with, or by arranging a time with a company who is registered to complete these checks.

To avoid any delays to your settlement, please ensure that you have handy your original Birth Certificate or Passport, your driver’s licence and Medicare card. Also if you have been married or changed your name, the certificate proving this will also be required (e.g. Marriage Certificate).

This article explains further the new steps in transferring property and what it means for you – Verification Of Identity – What It Means For You

If you have any concerns or for more information, please contact our office and we can discuss this further with you.