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How to find a great Conveyancer.

Not all Conveyancers were created equal, and one of the main area’s in which they can differ is pricing. If you’re hoping to find a great Conveyancer, I’ve put together some tips in this blog. It should help you find the right conveyancer for you.

Firstly, shop around. Perhaps you’ve used a Conveyancer previously, and maybe you were ecstatically happy with them. If so, it stands to reason that you would use them again. If not, and you’re going to inquire with a few, here are some things to keep in mind when sounding them out.

Ask them what their professional fees are, but also enquire as to exactly what those fee’s cover. Are there any disbursements on top? Does their quoted price include GST? Do they charge a separate fee for file storage, settlement attendance, or verification of identity? Will property searches need to be ordered and what will they cost?

On top of this, there are also the standard registration fees. And if acting for a purchaser, there will also be stamp duty and possibly the foreign ownership surcharge too if it applies (I wrote a helpful blog on this back in Feb of 2018).

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but at the end of this conversation, ask the Conveyancer to send you the quote, with all the details, in writing. At Your Choice Conveyancing, we always like to email out a detailed quote, along with an informative brochure that outlines what it is that we do.

With our pricing, we have a fixed fee. This covers the conveyancing fees, all disbursements, and GST. So with us, it’s simple and easy to know what you’re up for. Not all Conveyancers make it so easy though.

With some Conveyancers, the experience can be akin to buying a car. The car has an advertised price, but that doesn’t include any hidden costs such as metallic paint, car mats, window tint, etc. All these can push the final price up considerably.

We much prefer to have everyone knowing what the price at the end is going to be before anyone commits to anything. It’s best for you, and it’s best for us (that’s absolutely our best tip for those who seek to find a great Conveyancer).

There’s no standard pricing for conveyancers. We’re all entitled to charge what we want. But look out for the cheapest quotes. Having someone ‘cheap’ take care of what might be the largest financial transaction of your life, just isn’t smart. Make sure you’ve spoken to the Conveyancer yourself, and if possible, check their Google and Facebook reviews.

Finding the ‘right’ Conveyancer for you is just as important as finding the best value. Make sure you get along with them well, as you’re about to end up in a very big deal with them. Literally.

We’d be happy to provide you with a detailed quote, anytime. Give us a call on (08) 8261 5092. Or, send us an email here

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