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When should I phone the Conveyancer?

Normally when someone purchases property, the Conveyancer isn’t brought in until it’s time to do the paperwork. But is that too late? It’s worth asking the question…”When should I phone the Conveyancer?”

Is there a smarter order in which to handle things? An order that will protect you better and ensure the transaction is smooth and as stress-free as possible?

You betcha!

So when should I phone the Conveyancer?

The best rule of thumb is…the moment you decide to sell or buy. That’s when things start to get REALLY real.

Your Conveyancer’s role in this is to look out for you and foresee any issues before they arise. So it makes sense to have them in your corner as soon as possible. For the vast majority of people, property purchases are the biggest investments they’ll make in their lifetime. So if you’re going to pay a professional to look out for you during this transaction, wouldn’t it make sense to include them nice and early?

But I can do the paperwork myself.

Can you? Can you really?

Sure, legally you can…but will you get it right? And even if you can do the paperwork yourself, conveyancing is about more than just filling in forms. Conveyancing is about having the right knowledge to facilitate a property transaction properly. Are you confident that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to liaise between the Agent, the Conveyancer representing the other side and your bank/mortgage broker?

Okay, so how do I choose the right Conveyancer for me?

The easiest way would be to contact us. With our knowledge and experience, it only takes a few quick questions on our part to work out if we’re the best Conveyancer for you. And if we’re not, we have a network of Conveyancing professionals we can refer you to with confidence.

Or you can contact AICSA (The Australian Institute of Conveyancers SA Division) who are the peak professional body representing Conveyancers in South Australia. If you’re seeking expert advice, ethical conduct, and professional service, that’s the best place to start your search.